I could use some ideas ladies! I’ll be in new territory in July when it comes to shopping!

So I’m due with a baby girl on 23 June. I’m having a big retirement ceremony on July 10th when I’m retiring from the Army - most of my immediate family is coming and some of my in laws - mostly to see our little girl. I’m kind of second fiddle and I’m totally okay with it. 😀

I’ll be in dress uniform and navy blue and white. The other color that will be present is gold as my branch is navy and gold. I was hoping to find a sweet dress for our little girl, who will only be a few weeks old that goes well with my uniform.

So I’m thinking a navy blue dress and maybe a gold bow for her head! Maybe white shoes? I don’t plan on dressing her up that much when she’s tiny but this is a big event for us as a family. So even so she’s so little, we do plan of her being at the ceremony and being in photos with us. I’ll just have a protective family member ensure she is protected from random people touching her and holding her.

I just don’t know where is best places to look for baby clothes. I haven’t bought her any clothes as clothes are trickling in from family so I don’t know best places to look when you have something in mind. Any ideas are so welcome!