I thought it might be helpful to start a thread about birth experiences/planning during COVID-19. I know there are a number of people on the April due date thread who will be delivering soon, and many of us all over the country who are due in May-July. Here are some questions to get it started (one set for already delivered; one for due later):

Already delivered:
1. Your delivery date
2. Your state/location
3. Did you prepare differently for this hospital visit? Ex. Did you pack anything different?
4. Your delivery experience in relation to COVID (pre-screening, number of support persons allowed, how long you stayed in the hospital, etc.)
5. Have you been advised to isolate for 14 days (or other amount of time) after the birth? How are you managing this if you have other children?
6. Are your pediatric visits different than they typically would be (fewer, telehealth, etc.)?

Delivering later:
1. Your due date
2. Your location/state
3. How have your OB visits changed?
4. Have you changed how you are preparing for birth (online childbirth classes, doulas, etc)?
5. How is your hospital handling birth/labor and delivery right now?
6. Have you talked to your pediatrician about what visits will look like?
7. Anything else!