Ok bees. I need your help and expertise! My LO is going on 14 weeks. She hasnt pooped in 3 going on 4 days. She normally poops 3-4x a day. She is a farting machine. Shes generally happy except when feeding. Its a complete nightmare! She will eat for about 5 minutes and the go into a complete flail and start screaming. I will try burping and then switching sides. Sometimes she will calmly eat but most times she instantly cries and screams. I was trying pumping through the day to give her a bottle at night just dor extra food to get her to sleep longer during the night. I thought maybe she was getting 'spoiled' from the bottle so I stopped but this is still going on days and days after. Im so tired of this behaviour! I should add that a couple weeks ago she was sleeping routinely 10-5 during the night. Now she sleeps 10-3 and sometimes was up at 130. Im considering pumping bottles for the day and still nursing at night but am afraid this will ruin her breastfeeding altogether. Please tell me this is a phase and it will return to normal soon! I also should add that she drool A LOT and has done so for at least a month now and maybe she is teething and its hurting to suck. I dont know. I have exhausted myself on Dr.Google and driving myself crazy!

Thanks bees