We are expecting our third and we are eventually planning for all 3 kids to share a room.

I originally wanted to buy the ikea kura bunk bed but my husband is concerned about the accidents that could happen with a bunk. So he prefers a trundle.

Right now my 3 yo sleeps on a twin mattress on the ground, and my 16 mo old is in the crib. They will be 22 mo and almost 3.5 when baby comes but we probably won't really need them to be in a bunk/trundle until they are 4 and 2.

I moved my son out of the crib at before age 2 so I'm hoping it'll be an easy transition for my daughter before/when the baby comes.

For a 4 yo and 2 yo.. what would you do- bunk or trundle?? Any suggestions on which bed or other useful advice?

I'm especially unfamiliar with trundle beds and how they work.