Here I am again for more advice, only this time it's for our newest addition, our daughter who is 8 Months old.

Have any of you gone through sleep training a kiddo, going from one extreme to the other? For us, right now it goes like this: E cosleeps with me and has since the beginning. It's something I don't mind, but ever since that lovely sleep regression that hit at about 3 months, sleep just doesn't come easy.

During the night she has several wake ups, but I cannot count them since they're often quick and she falls back asleep with a paci or breast. During the day it's much harder. She only sleeps in the carrier and even then it's hard. With a 4 year old running around, it's not very quiet. So, that coupled with the regression, her naps can be 10 to 30 minutes. Occasionally I can get her to sleep in the swing, but only if I really prepare for it -- and then she sleeps the same amount of time. Needless to say I've been on the schedule of "Lets just make it through this." For a while now I've just chalked it up to "my kids just aren't good sleepers" since her brother was much the same, and still doesn't sleep that great. However, I am starting to think differently. And now that I'm a mother of two and more "broken in" to motherhood, I'm more open to "crying it out" methods and other sleep training methods. We all deserve it, especially my 4 year old who could use some more one on one attention.

Alright so thanks for reading. Give me some hope -- tell me I can sleep train my well coddled babe in to being a more independent sleeper. All methods welcomed with an open mind. Much love, from this momma to you.