DH and I are still deciding whether to have a third child or not. I think one big concern I have that keeps me from saying yes is being able to handle three kids on my own. I'm a SAHM, and my husband works a lot, so it usually is just me with the kids until after dinner. I like to stay active and do things with my kids like go to the park, the children's museum or other kid friendly places. It's getting easier now that my youngest is 2.5. I can easily handle the two boys by myself and can even relax a little while they play together. DH and I also like to travel a lot, and we take an annual trip to Disney World with the boys as well as go on beach and mountain trips. Having two is nice, because we can each take one if we're doing different activities (like certain rides at Disney World).

My MIL had three kids, and DH says they rarely went anywhere and spent the majority of the time at home, because it was too overwhelming for his mom to take them places by herself. That's what I'm worried about. Another example is my boys' preschool did a family event outside of school, and I asked my friend with 3 kids if she was going. Her reply was no, because her husband wasn't home that day and she couldn't handle the 3 kids by herself. I don't want to be in a situation where I have to turn down events or invitations because I can't manage 3 kids alone.

If you have three kids, do you still go out and do things? How do you manage them on your own? Does anyone have thoughts on this topic?