We need to replace the car seats in my husband’s car after a really minor car accident. Currently we have a Chicco nextfit for my FF 3.5, but if I have to replace anyway, I’m thinking I will get a harness to booster instead.

In my car her big sister is in a Britax Frontier, which is the front runner right now. Before I buy that again, I’m considering other options but have specific questions.

Can anyone compare the seatbelt install with the Myfit to britax ClickTight? I’m somewhat obsessed wth how easy the ClickTight install is and it would be hard to give up. I can do a latch installation for a while but eventually she will max out the weight so thinking ahead. I cannot get a good seatbelt install with our nextfit in his car for some reason, but it looks like they have updated the seat belt lock offs in newer Chicco seats? Ours is from 2014 ish.

Does the crotch buckle get stuck under the kids butt so you have to fish it out? That happens in the nextfit, and the frontier has something that makes it lay flat away from the kid so I never have to reach under.

I know both seats are very heavy. The Myfit is a few inches narrower which would be really helpful on the rare times I have to sit in the back if we have another passenger in the front. Or I suppose car pooling as the kids get bigger? But if it’s hard to install I will be cursing myself for not getting a frontier. The 3.5 yo is really small, 2% for height currently, so the higher harness height limit isn’t a concern.

Also- besides Buy Buy Baby, where can I try a car seat in my car?