I hope in a few weeks LO will progress and this will be meaningless but it may not. LO was born at 32w1d and is now 34w5d, and the physical therapist and docs think he does not have a strong enough of a gag reflex or suck to try feeding via mouth. Both reflexes have improved (initially had zero of either) but I guess not at the speed they'd like to see. when he was born he had about 30 minutes of limited oxygen as they worked to clear his airways, which caused some brain swelling, so I guess they see this as a result of that injury. The doc today said she was willing to be patient, but wanted to introduce the thought that he couldn't stay there forever, and that she may start talking to chronic care facilities, or maybe a children's hospital for him to have surgery.

The thought of him not coming home (ever?) is so terrible I don't even know what to say. My husband doesn't think its fair of them to expect so much from him when technically he should still be inside me, and would not have to swallow, so he thinks any talk of this is ridiculous until after he's 40w. I tend to agree but obviously we won't be the ones making the call.

Just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts or advice. Family is like "oh don't worry he'll be fine, we're praying for him" but I have to live with the very real possibility he won't be "fine."