Lo was circumcised on Thursday so three days ago and the day of he was ok a little fussy. Starting that night is when his behavior changed! I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience and is it the circumcision or just him and how do we change it back!!! Ahhh

So he used to sleep after feedings and we could put him in the bassinet, the swing, someone else could hold him... really anything. Now after he won't stay asleep after a feeding unless mommy or daddy are holding him. And at night he won't sleep in the bassinet at all! He could be asleep and if we lay in there in about two mins... he is screaming. He will only stay asleep at night if he is laying next to me. I mean I love him near but I know it's a terrible habit! Help!!!

Is this normal behavior, are we doing something wrong? I need some advice ladies!