So, I've been solo-parenting my two DSs (3.5 and 1) this past week and my 3 year old has been on super good behavior. For example he's been well behaved in stores and he's gotten dressed entirely independently every day this week when it's usually a fight. He even cleaned is room without being asked. DH comes home tomorrow and I'm trying to figure out a) why he's acting so nicely and b) how can I keep this going?

I have 2 theories: first, is that I am spending more time explaining what I need and my expectations because I am prepared for things to go really wrong and I need them not to. If this is the case, I could see it extending into the future pretty easily. But what I think is more likely the case is that quality time is my DS1s love language, and he's getting a lot of 1:1 attention compared to when DH is home. This one seems harder to duplicate without messing up my time with DH.

So, my question is: have you experienced much better behavior from your kids during a solo-parenting stint? Did you figure out why? Have any theories? Could you keep it going?