I would really like to cloth diaper. DH wasn't too enthused with the idea of dumping, rinsing, and then tossing a cloth insert into the pail for washing. Then I discovered gdiapers with the flushable/disposable insert. I also found that Charlie Banana has disposable insert ( I think we could get these in all in one size). DH said he could get on bored with tossing the liner. Does anyone use cloth diapers with disposable inserts exclusively? Do they absorb well, and hold up to leaks? Do you have any experience with these brands? I did some quick math, and we were either looking at cloth with disposable inserts or something like Honest diapers, and we'd still save $500-$600 going the cloth with disposable insert route, so I'm not as concerned that the disposable insert is more costly than the cloth liner. I'm trying to get DH on board!