I have been thinking about going the clothe diaper route for DD. There are a couple reasons for this. One, I am now a SAHM, so I could actually do it (a lot of daycares around here won't do it). Two, I am a SAHM now, therefore our finances have taken a dramatic hit. And third, diapers are gross. They fill up the landfill, take FOREVER to decompose. While I may not be "green", I do like to help out where I can.

So, this leads to me this post. Where do I even start?! There are WAY too many websites on clothe diapering, and I get a little overwhelmed looking at them all. I want someone to turn me in the right direction, tell me what is best, and then I can go from there, hopefully Is there anyone here that can help spin me around?!

Also, who uses clothe diapers, and what is your experience with them? Does anyone use them and wish they didn't?