I've been using AppleCheeks cloth diapers since about a week in to DD's life and I'm totally loving them!! They are super cute and really easy to clean. I'm now just running in to a problem as DD slowly sleeps for longer stretches. When she sleeps for 4 hours, the diaper is almost always soaked and has leaked out the back. Obviously I need more absorbency here!

Currently I am using AppleCheek's bamboo inserts (idk if they are the 2 ply or 3 ply... I got them as part of a kit and it doesn't specify). On the AppleCheeks site is suggests combining their bamboo inserts with their microterry inserts for "super nighttime absorbency", so I've bought a few to try.

Now when combining these two... would it be right to assume I'd stuff the diaper with the bamboo insert and then stuff the microterry insert on top of it? That makes sense right, since the microterry part is supposed to be fast absorbing, right?

Any other recommendations? I'm new at this!