Hey its a postathon day! If you're new here or feel a bit shy or timid on posting to the boards tell us a little bit about yourself, your family, what gets you going. I think we need some fresh voices and I'm vowing to be a more active participant.

I'm Chillybear
I just turned 30 last week and i still feel like i'm faking this whole being an adult thing
I hail from the philadelphia/south jersey area
I hate using capital letters
I met my husband in collage and we were friends for awhile before my mom convinced me i should date "jon with the great hair"
My 4 year anniversary is coming up and i was married inthe same church as my parents and granparents
I have a lab mix named Darwin
My baby girl is almost 1.... time flies and i wish i could hit the pause button
The best part of my day is giving her a bath and getting soaked from head to toe
I like to go to different cities and find Diner Drive in and Dives restaurants
I've been sewing and crafting since i was 10 and design dance recital costumes for a living
I often find sequins and glitter in my bras and underwear (and occasionally my belly button) from work
I'm into astrology and got the symbol for Leo tattooed on my back when i was 22.
I'm italian i love food and i love trying new recipes - Look up Mrs. Paintbrushes Korean BBQ tacos - to die for!

Ok now its your turn..... If you're into it add some pics