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  1. Kiwibee

    coffee bean / 33 posts

    @MrsStar: Yay for another kiwi!!!

  2. Pancakes

    nectarine / 2180 posts

    I'll play!

    I've been on HB for a long time, but I really only started posting regularly/semi-regularly at the beginning of the year when I joined my due date board.

    I'm 31, and DH and I will have been married for 6 years in October. We have a daughter who will be 3.5 at the end of next month, and a second DD due in about 3 weeks (aaaah!). We also have a 26 lb furball terrier mix.

    We live in the metro DC area, but we have moved a lot for DH's job. Our daughter has already lived in 3 states. I love it here, though, so I hope we get to stay for awhile.

    I taught French for several years, but I am currently a SAHM and I'm back in school studying to be an SLP. It's kind of sad how long it will take me to finish my degree but I think it will be worth it.

    I like to cook, bake, and eat when I have free time, and in between classes I try to squeeze in reading a few books for fun. I hope I can manage to find time for those things once LO#2 is here!

  3. tillma

    cherry / 207 posts

    I'll play!

    I have been around awhile and don't post much but have been so grateful for the advice I have received when I have! There are so many girls on here who have been INCREDIBLY kind to me.

    -I am 36 and been married to DH for 3.5 years but have known him for almost eight.
    - DH is six and a half years younger than me. That means when I was going off to college he was starting the sixth grade eek
    - We have a little boy who is 10 months old. We tried for over a year to have him and suffered one mc in the process. I was terrified the entire time I was pregnant with him that I would lose him like I did the previous one but he made it, is happy and healthy and is hands down the biggest blessing I have ever been given
    - We would love to have three kids but don't know if it is in the stars. We want to try for another and see if it happens but have also been seriously looking into adoption
    - I live in Minnesota and yes it is very, very, very cold here
    - I work full time in a medical practice assisting doctors I love my job but would love, love, love to be a SAHM if we could afford it
    - DH and I love animals and have two cats and one dog
    - We love DIY and have been working on renovating our house ourselves for the last five years and are now looking to do a major addition (more space for more kiddos!)
    - I recently have rediscovered photography and am obsessed! I have a super secret dream to become good enough at it to go professional

    Love hearing about everyone! Keep them coming, this is fun!

  4. jhd

    coconut / 8079 posts

    @Pancakes: I teach French! That's exciting you are studying to be a SLP. It seems like a very interesting field to me. We are currently working with one for feeding issues and I had no idea SLPs did that until LO was born.

  5. mrs.shinerbock

    pomegranate / 3779 posts

    @Kiwibee: He will tell you he is from Medellin, but his parents live in the Rio Claro area. Where is your DH from?

  6. Mrs. Champagne

    coconut / 8483 posts

    I'll join!

    I've been on hb for a while now but I'll introduce myself

    DH and I are 26
    We were born in the same hospital 5 days apart!
    We have been together almost 11 yeas and married for 2
    We have a 5 month old boy who is the sweetest babe ever even though he hates naps
    We live in a small beach town in Ontario, Canada
    I'm on maternity leave from my sales position but will likely SAH

  7. chopsuey

    hostess / wonderful honeydew / 32460 posts

    @Pancakes: dh and I will be married 5 years in oct! And my dd will be 3.5 next month too! Wish you lived closer so we could play!

  8. Kiwibee

    coffee bean / 33 posts

    @mrs.shinerbock: I've been camping in Rio Claro! My DH is from Manizales, but we lived in MedellĂ­n for 3 years. I have some great memories

  9. MamaPhoenix

    apricot / 313 posts

    @MrsKoala: Thank you!!!!

  10. Mrsjets

    pear / 1699 posts

    I just spent an hour reading this thread, so many amazing people!

    I'm mrsjets, I live in central Canada and am on mat leave. We are blessed with 2 wonderful kids: J is 2 and L is 5 months. I discovered hellobee when pregnant with my first and connected with my due date ladies (shoutout Junebug mamas!). I'm hoping to get more involved with posting but it always seems like someone needs me or that there is a mess to clean!

  11. ballerinabee

    apricot / 452 posts

    @marionberry: DH and I definitely plan to go back to OR again at some point, but it probably won't be for a couple of years (BOO!). I will definitely let you know if that changes!

    @Beaker: Yes, MD! I also had a preemie, but have had relatively few issues related to that (mostly his digestive system as an infant, sleep, and size). I'm sorry your DS has to go through so much so young. I know how hard it was for me when my DS was in the NICU, and we didn't have it so bad. I hate cliche things like "hang in there", but... Hang in there! Your boys are cuties!

    @Weagle: Yay for more MD bees! Curious about your comment about specifically choosing a neighborhood with poor school choices?

    @Bisous: My 30s have been by far the best decade, don't fear them!

    @Kiwibee & @MrsStar: I am in love with NZ from pictures / what I've seen on television. It's definitely on my bucket list of places to explore!

  12. poprocks7911

    pea / 13 posts

    I'm new so I'll play!
    I'm poprocks7911 and live in the burbs of Chicago currently expecting our first in May 2015. I am 32 and work in corporate retail and K is 36 and works in HR/benefits. We have a furbaby named Sadie who's 2. We've been married 3 years but have been together for 11.
    I would post a photo of my dog but I don't know how!

  13. Weagle

    coconut / 8498 posts

    @ballerinabee: When we were deciding to buy or keep renting and looking at neighborhoods, we really weighed what was most important. For us that meant being able to find a place that was in an area where we could keep up the community that we had already built (aka not moving out to the VA 'burbs or MoCo :)) We also wanted to live in a very economically and racially diverse area. We ended up in PG County. We're in a great community-minded neighborhood, but the surrounding area leaves quite a bit to be desired. Whenever we tell people where we live, they always bring up the schools as PG schools are notoriously bad all over the country, and it's typically seen as strange to purposefully pick a place with bad schools when you can move elsewhere... as if that's the #1 criteria for choosing where to live (and for some people it is - no shame in that!)

  14. Kimberlybee

    grapefruit / 4997 posts

    @Ms.Badger: I am so happy to see you around the hive. I think of you and Lucas all the time and am so happy when I see your name appear on a post. Happy house hunting!

  15. Pumuckl

    pomegranate / 3601 posts

    Ah I'm glad I saw this thread pop back up because I hadn't gotten around to answer the first time around. So here goes...

    - I'm Pumuckl (which is a mischievous German cartoon character)
    - I'm in my early 30s
    - I've been together with DH for over 10yrs. now and have a 16.5m son and #2 is due in January (it's a girl )
    - I'm German
    - English is a foreign language for me although I lived in the UK for a couple of years as a child
    - I was lurking before joining way longer than I care to admit.
    - I'm a foody but a terrible cook
    - Since I'm a celiac I'm a master in quick reading ingredient lists on foods and have put things back on shelves although they were GF but having read the rest there was no way I was gonna eat it

  16. TheSwissWifeStyle

    nectarine / 2600 posts

    I guess I'll play! I've been on here for quite a while though.

    I'm 34 (yikes) and DH and I got married on 10-10-10. We were college sweethearts (c/o 2002) but I broke up with him in 2003. In 2009 we reconnected, and 6 months later we were engaged! We got married on 10/10/10/ and I moved to Switzerland to be with him, and it's not as glamorous as it might seem. We've been TTC for 2 1/2 years. I've had 3 MCs. I am a SAHW (lol) and I board dogs in our home. I'm hoping to move sooner rather than later, but who knows.

    Other than all that drama, DH and I love to travel. Here's us, then and now

  17. avivoca

    watermelon / 14467 posts

    @Weagle: I used to live in PG county! Man, I miss living in the DC Metro.


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