My DH disagrees with me on this so I’ll post here to see what you all think. We have been in our rental for 4 years now and it’s a pretty old house so we’ve always had bug issues and the roof has leaked for a while. Every storm I tell the landlord that the roof still leaks and he comes to put roof tar to try to patch it. It works for a little bit but eventually starts leaking again. This has happened several times. Finally he got a clue that the roof needs to be replaced altogether. Yesterday and today the roofers are here working. The existing roof had zero insulation and it’s a peaked roof so roof bits and dirt fell through the cracks and my entire house wa covered in a thin layer of particles. I spent all day yesterday vacuuming and will have to do it again today after the job is done. We haven’t been able to use our house so we’ve been posted up in the hallway because it’s the only spot with a normal ceiling. Oh and on top of that I’ve got a 4 year old and an 8 month old who are both sick. I think we should be compensated for the inconvenience and cleaning of the mess but my DH says just let it go. Thoughts?