Hi all,
I've posted a couple times on other pregnancy/childbirth sites, but this is my first post on Hellobee. Honestly, most of my posts lately are related to VBAC considerations b/c now that I'm 25 weeks pregnant with my second, I think about it frequently. I'd love to hear from other moms in the same boat, or who have gone through a VBAC (successfully or which ended in a C-section) as I gather more information in making my own decision.
As some background, I had my first daughter in May 2015. My water broke at 39 weeks, I dilated to 10 relatively quickly for a first time mom, but after pushing for a few hours and baby not budging (head was visible but she was stuck at about +2 station), a C-section was recommended (partly also b/c of maternal fever and baby heart decels). All-in-all, my recovery was not bad - the worst part was having had labored leading into the surgery. But b/c my C-section recovery was doable, and my two main goals are to have an easier recovery than last time and have a better experience than last time, I'm stuck on which decision is best - repeat C-section or VBAC. I would hate a repeat of last time, or to have something more serious occur.
I'm just curious to hear stories and if things went well, how you prepared for a VBAC. Thanks