My first child was breech from nearly 20 weeks on. After a failed ECV I scheduled a c-section and he was born at 39+1. I had a great c-section experience and have no regrets. He was perfectly healthy (despite a little jaundice) although pretty little - 6lbs, 4oz.

Now I am pregnant with twins and considering my delivery options. As long as baby A is head down, my OB is encouraging a VBAC. I have told her I most likely want a repeat c-section. We're scheduling one for 38 weeks but she wants to see what happens with a trial of labor if I go into labor prior to 38 weeks (within reason of course).

What would you do? Here are my thoughts...

If I go with a repeat c-section I know exactly what my recovery will be. I won't be damaging my vagina or suffering any long-term consequences (like some of my friends with recurring bladder issues). I know that there will be no risk to my fragile little ones, who could need NICU care. And I won't have to face a chance that I could vaginally deliver one and still need a c-section for the other (though odds are small of this).

If I go with a VBAC, I have no idea how my body handles labor - it could go well or I could have all sorts of issues. I could get out of the hospital quickly with a shorter recovery and I won't have to worry about not being able to pick up my older son when he wants me. Finally, if we ever decided to have more children (we're really up in the air about if this will ever happen) it would be a much healthier option for my body.

So to all mamas (and especially twin mamas) what would you do in this situation? I think if this were a singleton I'd go VBAC with no concern, but the fact that they're twins really has me feeling uncomfortable about it.