Don't get too excited: I'm still pregnant. Haha! But, sitting here at 39+5 and waiting on a baby, I'm contemplating the decisions I'll have to make after she's born.

I know I want an IUD. We probably want more kids, but I need a bigger gap between 2 and 3 than I got with 1 and 2! Anyway, birth control pills are super hard for me to keep track of AND I think they make me a little crazy, so I'm going a different route this time.

Tell me about your experiences with either of these kinds! I love that the copper one isn't hormonal, but I've heard people get MONSTER periods on them. I usually have really light periods, which my doc says bodes well for me, but you just never know.

As for Mirena, if you've taken it (especially if you've taken the pill before, too, and can compare), did you feel lots of hormonal stuff going on while on it? Any other major issues?

Thanks in advance.