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Couch to 5K!

  1. mossyslane

    cherry / 215 posts

    Just started today after seeing this post. ... Was in desperate need of a little kickstart

  2. T.H.O.U.

    wonderful clementine / 24134 posts

    Do you guys have an iPhone app you like? I can't seem to find the one listed before or maybe it costs $1 now?

  3. mossyslane

    cherry / 215 posts

    @T.H.O.U.: Yes, I just bought the Couch to 5K app today for 99 cents. I really like it so far!

  4. mossyslane

    cherry / 215 posts

    Got through the Couch to 5K app and ran my first race today. I definitely didn't set any records, but it was a lot of fun! Sending encouragement to anyone who hasn't finished yet--it is doable

  5. plantains

    grapefruit / 4671 posts

    @mossyslane: congratulations!

    Is anyone else still doing it? I fell off the wagon and had to start over, but I hVe just finished week5, run3 and will start week 6 on Monday, so I now know for sure that I will complete the program! Yay!

  6. Mrs.Ham

    cherry / 212 posts

    Those of you still doing this - you're so dedicated!
    I got a big surprise 3 weeks in - an unexpected BFP! That being said...it's all I can do to go to the gym and walk, much less try to run! lol! I'm already prepared to try again as soon as the little one comes, though.

  7. mossyslane

    cherry / 215 posts

    @plantains: How are you doing on C25K? Week 6 was the toughest one for me. I stayed really motivated while I was doing it, and since the actual race I ran , I haven't put my running shoes on once!

  8. mossyslane

    cherry / 215 posts

    @Mrs.Ham: Wow, congrats! That's a wonderful reason to shelve the running for awhile

  9. plantains

    grapefruit / 4671 posts

    @mossyslane: the 3rd run of week 6 was tough but I got it done! I am on Week 7 now, but I have a sinus infection so I haven't done any runs yet! Congratulations on completing it and running the race!

  10. mossyslane

    cherry / 215 posts

    @plantains: Sinus infections are the worst! Take care and congrats on week 7. It gets easier from then out, and I think, a little bit more fun b/c it's not so much stop and start...


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