Any insight is appreciated. Here's my situation.

I'm 27. I have no known problems except borderline low amh (0.99). Husband has no issues. We've been trying (on and off) since January 2014 when I went off the pill. We got pregnancy in December 2014, but it was a chemical pregnancy (dark positive at 4 weeks, started bleeding at 5 weeks). It was emotionally devastating and we have had some career changes that have meant that we've been NTNP since December. I just don't have it in me to obsess over it any more.

The weird thing is that from January - December 2014, I had an irregular cycle that had to be controlled with progesterone (vacillated b/t 30-40 days). Since January I've had four cycles of around 30 days and this month without taking anything and, for the first time since December, I ovulated according to a digital opk. [we had sex about 3-4 days before ovulation so probably not a big likelihood I'll get pregnant this month, which is for the best since we're in the process of moving to a new city].

My question is - has anyone else experienced this? My body seems to finally be regulating itself. It just seems strange after such a long period off birth control.