DS is 3 and a very active, happy, sweet guy. Admittedly, he can be a bit hyper and not always the best listener but he does well at his school and his teachers generally like him. He's been at his current school for a year and just moved up into the preschool class last week. He doesn't always do well with new transitions, but he's handled it very well.

However.... his new head teacher doesn't seem to like him. Every time I do a drop off or a pick up and she is there, she has something somewhat negative to say about him. Last week her assessment was "he didn't get hurt and we didn't lose him" and she summarized that as a "good day." I just laughed it off.

Today at drop off she stopped me to ask if I would be attending a field trip next week. I said that I had volunteered to be a classroom chaperone. She clarified that she "needed one of us (me or DH) to go" with DS exclusively because she was afraid DS would run away and it's "really wide open" at the farm they going to. She pretty much implied that if I couldn't go and control him, he couldn't go on the trip. I muttered that one of us would be there and went to work. As I walked to work and now sitting here, DH and I are getting more and more upset - like the implication was that she can't handle him and we have to go or he can't go on the field trip. He is not a bad kid and I feel like she's given up on him after 6 days in her classroom.

DH wants to make a big thing of it and get the director involved... I'm not sure what to do. WWYD?