We have new neighbors that are very friendly but keep doing things that annoy us. We’ve had scheduled play dates and picnic dinners before and we really enjoy that. What bothers us most is that twice recently they have sent a mother’s helper,who is 14, down to our house with their 3 year old daughter to see if our boys wanted to play without texting first.

The first time I was annoyed, but let them stay for about 25 minutes before fibbing and saying we were about to start dinner. The second time we just said that the boys couldn’t play and we basically sent them back home.

Tonight the mom and daughter stopped by to say hi at 6 PM (on a Sunday). We were literally sitting down for dinner. We were polite but said firmly that we were eating our family dinner and they left.

We are getting a swingset installed next week and I fear that they are going to be asking themselves over often or just “dropping by”. My husband and I plan to be really firm and strict with boundaries, since this family isn’t really “getting” us. I like to hang out with them, but I really prefer a planned time and a courtesy text. We both work and like our routines as it helps us manage our very active boys.

Does anyone have experience with these types of situations or any further advice?