This will be baby #3, due early Fall. DD will be in 1st grade and DS will be in daycare. My mom will come from out of state to watch the kids during my hospital stay. The issue is with DDs school bus schedule for early morning pick up and after school pick up. I dont think my mother can handle that alone.
Her bus comes very early and combining that with watching DS who will be 2years old at that time is a handful. Additionally she isn't comfortable driving new cars in a new environment so dropping off DS and picking them up is out of the question.
Additionally DS wakes up a lot at night and can be difficult with going back to sleep. For these reasons I feel having DH stay home at night to handle these things will be best.
Having said that, I will miss having him be in the hospital especially for the 1st night after the csection. Have any of you had a similar situation?