Good morning ladies!

I am looking for opinions! I’ll be a FTM in June (so excited even with the anxiety of this pandemic). I’ve decided on a diaper bag - want the Dagne Dover Wade diaper bag. I’ve carried a Dagne Dover work back for two years - really put it through the wringer and it still looks brand new. So I believe in the brand. And I’m wanting it in black as I tend to prefer simple black to go with more and also as my DH will be open to carrying it if need be if it’s in black.

But I can’t decide on the size to get. Instinctively want to get the small because it already seems large (likely smaller than my everyday work bag to be honest) but since my mother in law generously wants to get it for me - I don’t want to get one that’s too small that makes me wish I’d picked out the larger one. Online reviews suggest the small is better for a toddler when you carry less. I don’t want to carry more than I need but don’t want to get the wrong sized bag if possible.

Which also made me realize - what do you put in the diaper bag for a newborn/ young baby? I’m tracking diaper wipes, diapers, bottle, change of clothes, ointment, pacifier (if used). Anything else I should consider including?

I’ve added a link to the two sized bags and would appreciate votes and opinions.