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Did They Estimate/Guess Baby's Weight Right?

  1. immabeetoo

    honeydew / 7687 posts

    I dont remember the specific weight estimate but it was 8+, he was born at 7.7. He regularly was in the 50% for all measurements and was smaller than that out of utero

  2. singingbee

    pomelo / 5073 posts

    @Smurfette: and @ladyfingers: yes! She ended up with a c section but it was because the baby was too big to get under her pelvis bone. However she labored over 24 hours.

  3. mustcomment

    apple seed / 1 posts

    The baby weight estimates are highly inaccurate! 1 hour before I went into labor, I was told the baby weighs approx. 7.5 lbs based on a ultrasound. My baby weighed 9 lbs 9 oz and was born by c-section after being in labor for 48 hours. Had I known she was so big, I would have opted for the c-section much sooner! A word of advise: if you are petite (short) and the father of the baby is very tall -- you may have a very big baby. I'm 5'2" and my husband 6'6". My midwife had told me that my body will only produce the size baby that my body can handle. Wrong! My body barely handled the 9.9 lbs 22.5" long baby. All was OK in the end though. She is a beautiful and healthy little toddler now.

  4. Sweet T

    pomelo / 5321 posts

    My midwife's predictions were pretty accurate. She made her guesses by feel over the last few weeks of my pregnancy. At my last appointment, she predicted a 9lb baby. DS was born at 40w2d and weighed 9lbs 5oz.

  5. duckduckkristen

    clementine / 959 posts

    My midwife felt my belly at my 39 week appt and said he was 7 lbs, maybe 7.5. He was born 3 days later at exactly 7 lbs.

  6. mrsjyw

    GOLD / wonderful apricot / 22646 posts

    Nope ob said 7.5 based on fundal measurement... lo was 8lbs11oz!

  7. red_seattle

    kiwi / 549 posts

    Toddler X was pretty much exactly what the doc said he would be. Only off by 1oz.

  8. shopaholic

    bananas / 9973 posts

    @mrsjyw: Yeah I was really surprised by yours!

  9. shopaholic

    bananas / 9973 posts

    @mustcomment: Oh my! That IS a big variance! I would have opted for a c-sect too! Thankful both DH and I are pretty average sized.

  10. woodentulip

    persimmon / 1379 posts

    Not at all close! I didn't ask with my second, but with my first I was told 'maaaaybe 6 lbs' and she popped out at 8 lb 5 oz! A big gal!

  11. Mrs. Confetti

    blogger / pomegranate / 3491 posts

    @luckypenny: same thing happened to me! Projected to be around 7.5 to 8 lbs when I was 39 weeks, and at 41w6d when he was born, he was 6lb11oz. Extra cooking needed

  12. Bluebonnet

    persimmon / 1427 posts

    My baby was 1.5 lbs bigger than they estimated.

  13. MaisyMay

    GOLD / cantaloupe / 6703 posts

    @shopaholic: We were told today that she is measuring right at 6 pounds right now, and that by the time they are ready to induce in 3 weeks, she'll have added another pound and a half. This may be off by up to a full pound, so we're predicting a little girl weighing between 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 pounds.

  14. shopaholic

    bananas / 9973 posts

    @MaisyMay: Can't wait to hear what she really comes out at!

  15. Mrs. Bee

    admin / watermelon / 14210 posts

    yup they said charlie was 8 lbs at my last appt before giving birth, and he was 8 lbs 6oz. Olive came early so we didn't have an estimate.


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