Along the lines of my previous question about furniture, if your crib converts to a full size bed/ headboard and foot board, did you convert it and use it at a full?

We put my older LO directly into our old guest bed (previously mine and dogs bed) when she started climbing out, since baby’s sister needed the crib anyway. The younger one is 3 now and expressing an interest in a big bed. We haven’t decided what we will do. I got the crib in a maple color to match a dresser my mom gave us, that had been mine as a child. She has more furniture that matches but it is 30 years old, so I’m not dead set on using that. I’m sure we will take the side off the crib first which will buy us longer to decide. I just wonder how common it is for people to use it as a big bed as advertised.

Weboughtthe crib because I liked it and it matches. Didn’t care so much whether it converted.