Yesterday, our cab driver unleashed major road rage while we (DH, LO and i) were passengers in his cab. Someone went into his lane and he saw it as being cut off (he wasn't) so he sped up, cut off the car and slammed on the brakes. The girl gave him the finger and he got all ragey.

Oh. My. God.

Then another guy cut him off and he said, "i'll show him." We were like, "uh, no you won't." We didn't really know what to do because we still had 20 minutes to go before we got home! We calmly told him that we were the passengers, and he had to listen to us.

We got his cab # but i don't think it makes a difference in reporting him since i'm sure he just shares the license with others. It was the worst ride ever, and my heart was pounding with anger since LO was in the car!

Did you ever have a cab driver like this? What would you have done?