I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant with my second, and two days ago, I started breaking out with the worst case of hives in my life! Like, all over my back, belly, arms and legs. That was the first night. Then, in the morning, it got better, but by the late afternoon, they started returning, but this time on my lower body. It led me to google hives during pregnancy, and I'm convinced this is a pregnancy-related ailment. I haven't changed any of my routines or what I've been eating, so I can only assume it's related to hormones. These hives get in the way of my sleeping too! So darn itchy! Anyone else have this experience? When did it first appear and how long did it last? What did you do to treat them? And, bonus question: Did you end up having a boy or twins? Hahaha. (Read somewhere that hives could occur during a first pregnancy, having a boy, or with multiples! Don't know how true that is, but just for fun....)