So my OB gave me a packet of info after my first prenatal visit, and in there is a list of courses the hospital offers (childbirth, breastfeeding, for men only, infant massage). Did any of you pay for these courses and attend? Do you think it was worth it?

I'm on the fence because I want a somewhat natural birth (as natural as I can get in a hospital setting), and I've heard that these courses are more of a "this is how we do it at Hospital X" kind of thing. As for breastfeeding, do I need a take a course on that? There will be lactation consultants available after I give birth if I have any issues.

This is not a matter of finances for me-- the "package deal" for 4 of the classes is $160 for childbirth, newborn care, for men only, and breastfeeding, something we can afford-- BUT I want to see if it's worth the time commitment.

Any personal experiences?