I'm due with our second girl at the end of December. Our toddler will be about 18 months at that point. I haven't set up a second bedroom/nursery yet, knowing that our newborn will sleep in our room for the first several months. I'm torn about whether to start to set up separate bedrooms, or to have them both sleep in one room and set up another room as a baby-proofed playroom. The latter would definitely be easier since they will likely share a lot of things (being so close in age) and I could consolidate areas (e.g., one diaper changing area, instead of one in both bedrooms). It's probably best to wait a little while and see how my toddler adjusts and to determine what kind of sleeper the new baby will be. It's just driving me nuts right now to do nothing...I think the nesting instinct is totally real and I'm going crazy feeling like nothing is ready. So, my question is what has worked for other parents? Did you have a bedroom set up for your second baby right away?