I recently started a new diet and fitness regimen and I think it did a number on my cycle. I had been having mostly 28/29 day cycles since I stopped breastfeeding in June, but this time it was 33. I mostly ate healthy and exercised occasionally before I started my new diet. The biggest change was I did a 10 day alcohol-free period (which happened to be during my follicular phase if that matters) and have generally been consuming less since. I'm tracking calories and aiming for a 250 deficit and have last 1.5 lbs since starting. So it isn't a huge change. I'm wondering if my cycle is likely to continue to be long while I'm dieting/exercising or if it'll go back to 28/29. I'm trying to figure this out because my husband wants to plan a ski trip with his friends this winter when we'll be starting to TTC and I want to estimate generally when my fertile windows will be so he can avoid those dates. And they vary widely depending on the length of the next few cycles. Oh, and if it matters - on my 28/29 day cycles I would O on CD 16 or 17 with a 12-13 day luteal phase. This cycle I Oed on CD 19 with a 14 day luteal phase - so both parts were longer.

So, do you think I should assume I'll go back to 28/29 or stay longer? Any similar experience?