Okay ladies, this is mostly just a big rant but I need to get it out! LO is almost 18 mo and we're gearing up to TTC for #2. The first time around for LO resulted in a miscarriage after a couple cycles and then took about 6 mo after until the BFP for LO. Which in hindsight isn't terrible but I was so stressed out and the miscarriage really was devastating. Needless to say I have some stress related to even the idea of TTC!

So we planned to get my IUD out a couple months early to start tracking my cycle and not "try" but not prevent. My IUD has been out for over 5 wks now and I haven't had a period (lots of BFNs, so not pregnant). It came back like clockwork the first time when TTC #1. So now I'm worried about when/if my period will come back!

Most of my close friends have gotten pregnant quickly, even one who needed meds because she wasn't ovulating got pregnant more quickly in total time than I did with LO! My BFF didn't even get her period after her IUD was removed, got a BFP instead. I was going to join one of the POAS threads but it seems like everyone has been getting BFPs (which is awesome for them!) and I was just too discouraged. My SIL is already in the 2nd tri with LO2 and her LO1 is younger than my LO! She's also a pregnant on first cycle lucky one even though she has a chronic disease.

I guess I'm just feeling down and either need someone to shake some sense into me and/or commiserate. Both are welcome! I have crazy baby fever and want a sibling for LO, and do not do well with things out of my control. Le sigh.