This has been a source of tension for me lately, and I’m wondering who else can relate. How do you feel about the division of labor between you and your partner? I’m not talking about physical things, like caring for children or cleaning, etc. I mean the mental labor. Who keeps track of doctors appointments, or even selected and knows who the doctors are? Who signs up for activities? Who plans what to cook? Who notices when new clothes are needed because of a changing season or outgrowing the current ones? Who researches and signs up for daycare and preschool waitlists, or remembers back to school nights? I feel like my husband believes we’re equal because we both do things physically around the home. But I just CANNOT get him to understand the amount of energy that goes into mental labor, which I feel like I do at least 95 percent of, if not 100. It’s getting really hard to not be resentful. Especially now—I’m pregnant and exhausted, and my brain is tired. But I feel like we just argue about it, and then nothing changes. Can anyone relate? FWIW, we both work outside the home full time.