Hey bees!

I wanted to post my DIY Mobile tutorial! I was so obsessed with the mobiles on Etsy, but really couldn't justify spending $50+ on them. I love crafting, so I kind of just gave it a whirl and found it's not too difficult to make a really cute mobile for less than $10!

Here's what I did...

You will need:
*Craft paper (or heavy card stock) in the color(s) you want to feature - I suggest using 3-4 different colors!
*A 1"-2" craft circle punch
*String or Fishing line (depending on if you wanted the connecting strings to be seen, I used twine)
*Ribbon (if you aren't planning on using the same string to connect the circles)
*Hot glue gun and glue sticks
*A sewing/embroidering hoop (choose whatever size you like - I actually used two, one medium sized and one small size)

1. First, hole-punch a BUNCH of circles. You're going to want two to each completed circle in the mobile. I punched about three craft paper pages of each color, so I'd have some extra.

2. With a marker, make little dots like the face of a clock on the sewing/embroidery hoop to mark where you will eventually tie on your strings.

3. Cut varying lengths of string (I did 12", 1'1/4 and 1'1/2) and lay them out. Figure out the order of colors you'd like for each string of circles.

4. Spacing them out by at least an inch, glue one circle to another onto the length of the strings.

5. I made about 12 strings of circles. The next thing to do is tie the strings securely over the dots you've marked (I also added a dot of hot glue over the tied strings to keep them from sliding on the hoop).

6. Wrap the ribbon or string around the hoop to further secure the strings. Tie off (dot of hot glue for extra security!).

7. Using the string or fishing wire, tie two pieces to make two intersecting arches - this will eventually be what secures the mobile to your ceiling hook! Hang over the crib and enjoy!

I hope the instructions were somewhat clear --- (feel free to ask for clarification). It was such a fun craft to make, and I hope you enjoy it too!