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Do parents at daycare leave their cars running during drop-off?

  1. mauxie

    persimmon / 1043 posts

    @MamaG: ahh very good point! I will be more careful!!

  2. catomd00

    grapefruit / 4418 posts

    Yes I did when we were in daycare, but I have a keyless start so you can't put it in gear if the key isn't in the car. I can obviously lock it, too. Our daycare was off a quiet neighborhood road anyways so i would leave it on and open with Keys in it without thinking twice.

  3. Applesandbananas

    pomegranate / 3845 posts

    @mediagirl: I have remote start and always start it up as I head into daycare so that it's warm for LO!

  4. Mrs. Pen

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21616 posts

    It doesn't bother me that people do it, but I personally don't. The reason is only because sometimes my car will lock when the door is shut if the car is on, and then I'm not able to get back in. So i don't want to risk it. But I'm also paranoid about car theft too.
    We go to an in-home daycare, so that might be why more parents feel comfortable leaving their car running.

  5. YouGotMe

    apricot / 477 posts

    Our daycare is on a university campus so you can't actually park right out front the daycare without getting a parking ticket. We have a pass for a lot next to it but it's such a distance no one leaves their car running.

  6. coopsmama

    cantaloupe / 6059 posts

    I have remote start so I would probably do this if I had a quick drop off.

  7. MrsKoala

    cantaloupe / 6869 posts

    I do it. It's too dang cold. Campus Police patrol so I'm really not that worried about it.


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