I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle with my MIL. Last year, we did a gift exchange with DH"s side of the family. So, in theory you only buy 1 gift and receive 1 gift. MIL did her own thing and bought everyone gifts. So, this year, we all decided to get her a separate gift and do the gift exchange with just DH, his siblings and their SO. So, MIL writes me yesterday and tells me her feelings are hurt she was left out of the gift exchange. Not sure, why because she didn't participate last year (on her own accord) and she is getting gifts from everyone. Then she followed up by texting me 20 times yesterday on the status of her decorating. When I didn't respond (because I was working!) she went off on how I didn't give a crap about her emotions. Gah.. I have 2 kids, I work from home 30+ hours a week, I'm pregnant (high risk with weekly dr apt).. Why can't she give me a freaking break????