DH has two brothers. BIL 1 is getting married two weeks after my due date. He asked DH and the other brother (BIL 2) to be in the wedding. DH was very up front with BIL 1 and said that he may not be able to be in the wedding/attend the wedding if the baby comes on time or late. Basically the only way he feels comfortable going is if the baby comes 1-2 weeks before her due date.

Flash forward to about a week ago where the BIL getting married sends an email about the groomsmen needing to order their groomsmen suits by the end of January. DH talked with his brother and again mentioned that he will likely be unable to attend/be in the wedding unless baby comes quite early. His brother is now pissed....and told DH it was "too early" to be making a decision to opt out of the wedding. DH wanted to again make his brother aware of the issue and doesn't want to purchase an expensive suit that he likely won't even wear! We also thought this would give his brother more time to find a replacement (And for his replacement to get a suit ordered).

BIL 2 also wanted to get in on the drama so he texted us to tell us that we shouldn't be missing BIL 1's wedding. Oh, and "they took their 10 day old daughter to a concert that was 6 hours away when she was little....so we could certainly travel the 5.5 hours to the wedding."

I'm so annoyed with both of his brothers right now! Am I overreacting? DH has decided to just stop texting with both of them tonight. I suggested calling the brother getting married to talk things over but DH is against this and just wants to leave it alone for awhile.

How would you handle this?