Mostly curious how it may have changed for better or worse over time!

I don’t even know how I would answer this today. I feel really unappreciative to say that it’s not great because DH and I each only have one parent left and only one sibling between us. I know time can be short. But it just feels complicated and I can’t figure out how and when that happened. From age 23 on (when I grew up a bit) I would have said it was very good until about 5 years ago. I think I’ve changed a lot starting about 5 years ago and my mom has too - due to life events in our individual lives - and we’ve both gotten older and less flexible. I think knowing DH and having kids has made me much less tolerant of my family’s negative tone (I never used to notice it) and it makes me want to pull away and avoid the disapproval and sometimes just meanness. But of course it’s not all bad … I think it just really gets under my skin right now, and I struggle between protecting myself from negativity and feeling guilty about not engaging as much as I used to.

Have you had ups and downs with your immediate family? How did you handle it and move forward?