A couple of recent threads about post-partum help got me thinking. My mom is planning to visit next week to help me get my house in order for the baby's arrival. While I'm excited to see her and happy to have the help, I'm nervous about us getting along.

As an adult I've had a strained relationship with my mom. She's amazing and she helps me in so many ways, especially financially, but she tends to be very sensitive. We often get into big arguments that boil done to her thinking I'm not grateful just because I didn't say something the way she would have liked.

In any case, I want to prevent arguments and make her feel appreciated when she comes out to help. I'm afraid my hormonal self will screw up and say something rude and make her upset. She's also coming out next month for my baby shower that she is planning, and again when baby is born.

Has anyone dealt with this before? Any tips to make sure I express gratitude while she is doing everything to help me? I'm sometimes too task oriented (like during my move) and I need to be more considerate because that's what she needs.