Personally I am OK with my MIL, but not very well with FIL. With them I always feel like I am an outsider. At times I feel like FIL sees me as "the caregiver to his grandson".

I do truly appreciate how much they love DS. I do get annoyed and frustrated at times with how they tend to spoil and interact with him in a way that I am not happy with, and their values are off for some reason. On a scale of 1-8, I would rate them a 3-4. (My MIL=6, FIL=2.5)

My mom on the other hand, I would rate her as (1) for DH. Hahahaha. (She truly hates him, and she is not very understanding to what's going on. I don't know if DH cares though).

Sometimes I wish I had those wonderful in-laws from the movies, where you feel like you actually became family, and you are suddenly loved by another family, who truly cares about you as their own daughter. And you learn from them about parenting, values, and caring for your LO. I always wonder if that truly exists!

What are your in-laws like? Tell me about your experience too!