My daughter just started first grade and I'm growing worried about her making friends. She's an only child, very social and very drawn to other kids, always wants to join others, but she hasn't really made any friends over the last year of kinder and all summer at camp. She had a few kids in kindergarten that she would socialize with and we tried to foster those connections by getting to know the parents but nothing ever took root long term and then we moved to a new school/area and are starting all over again. We would ask her about who she played with at camp and she couldn't give us a single name of a kid (though all the counselors loved her). Yesterday kiddo told me that she's been playing with her school desk-mate but then the girl told her that she wanted to play with someone else. The way kiddo put it was "I think she was tired of me" though she wasn't particularly sad about it, as far as I can tell. I worry sometimes that she might be a little too much for other kids because she's very excitable and chatty and wants to do all the things and doesn't have the best understanding of social cues, and she has no trouble going off on her own and doing her own thing but she's definitely someone who needs her social bucket filled.

I'm guessing I'm probably overthinking as usual and in full transparency, I suck at making friends and I'm probably projecting that here, but especially given that she's an only child, I really want her to build a group and I'm not sure whether to do anything beyond what we're already doing (asking questions, trying to foster connections anywhere we can, etc.)