After school started back my older DD, almost 6 and in first grade, was playing outside after school and having a wonderful time. I spontaneously asked her how she felt about waiting to start gymnastics until after Christmas so we could enjoy playing in the nice weather and all of the activities that come with the holidays, and said she liked the way that sounded. Recently I got information about the winter classes being offered after school and there's Zumba a yoga--for these classes they stay after for an hour, and then you pick them up, unlike gymnastics which is somewhere else, and in the evening. Now I'm wondering about doing that instead of gymnastics (the cost savings would be great too), and waiting until May to do soccer (one weeknight and then every Saturday morning) and then the summer to do a few weeks of swim.

Am I depriving her of anything? I feel like all the girls we know have been in gymnastics or dance since they were 3. She does other activities, include 4H (every other week), religious education (every Saturday), and one other activity per week (right now we have a 2 week overlap in Fall Crafts and Spanish, which are right after school so easy peasy). I'd love to wait another year to enroll her in gymnastics (this is the sport she'd like to try) but am a little concerned she'll be really far behind others. But does it matter? She's not likely going to be a professional athlete so it feels a little silly asking, but I know how it is to feel left out in not know how to do what other kids are.