Last weekend while my husband and I were doing laundry we started talking about nursery options (which is jumping the gun a little because I'm not pregnant yet). I was just curious about a few things:

1. How'd you decide which room to use as your nursery? We have three spare bedrooms to choose from. My husband wants the most interior room because he thinks it is the quietest and has the most stable temperatures - warmest in the winter and coolest in the summer. Also, it already has a ceiling fan in it and vaulted ceilings. I want the room that's over our garage because it's a much larger room, it has more windows/natural light, it's slightly closer to our room and it has a huge walk-in closet. There are pros & cons to both - what were your highest priorities in choosing the room for the nursery - size? proximity to you? noise control?

2. Does your nursery have a ceiling fan? The room over the garage has a lower, peaked ceiling so a ceiling fan won't really work in there. I'm just wondering if that was something you thought necessary?

3. I know gliders seem to be the preferred seating in a nursery, but we were thinking we'd like to have a sofa in there instead. Is that crazy? Is there something magical about a glider (esp. in relation to breastfeeding) that I don't understand? We'd like to get a sofa so all three of us (me, dh and baby) could sit/cuddle together. Also, we thought a pull-out sofa might be ideal to provide more sleeping locations (we regularly have an additional 4-6 people in the house when my family comes to visit because they lives far away so the more beds the better).

Ooops, this is like a novel. Anywho, I guess the point is - tell me about your nurseries!