Sorry for the long post but if you could read and let me know if this is normal or not, I'd so appreciate it!

My two year old is fairly laid back about life most of the time, but he has always had anger issues around food. Since he was one, if you gave him milk instead of water or vice versa, or gave it to him in the wrong cup or the wrong plate or set it down in the wrong spot or whatever, he'd scream and throw it on the ground (where it would spill or get eaten by the dog and then he'd throw a bigger fit.) It's super frustrating. But since turning 2 his tantrums have escalated (normal I know) and expanded to way beyond food. He wants to do everything himself and if you mess that up, there is no recovering. And in order to calm down, he has to reenact the whole thing. Like, rewind time. Example: If I got him a cup and he wanted to get it, he has to go put the cup back, walk back to where ever he was, then go back and get the cup himself. Today I took him out of the car to go to daycare and he was throwing a fit because he wanted to do it all himself. He wouldn't calm down until we went back to the car, rebuckled in, closed the door and tried it all again himself. It is so infuriating and time consuming. His teachers have said he insists everything is put back exactly where it goes and is very "OCD".

Does anyone else have a LO who is similar or is this totally abnormal? I feel like it's normal-ish for a 2 year old but my DH is worried it's extreme.