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Does this sound like we're ready for 1 nap?

  1. daniellemybelle

    cantaloupe / 6669 posts

    Yes, sounds like it. We just went for it and committed. Some days she was cranky until nap time but we just stick to the one nap every day at about 11:30/12. Once her one nap lengthened which happened pretty quickly, she could have her regular 7:30 bedtime.

    I was like you and didn't want to give up the two naps per day - I felt like we both needed it. But I actually LOVE her one nap per day. She takes a long nap (knock on wood it stays that way) and I prefer the long chunk of time to myself.

  2. Grace

    cantaloupe / 6730 posts

    @SweetiePie: Whoohoo! I'd say keep it how it is if it works and if that's what you want. And by you limiting the morning nap you are starting the 2-1 nap transition. You can go slow. It doesn't have to be all done in a week.

  3. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @gingerbebe: @Grace: This is what I was thinking. I can keep shortening the AM nap little by little. Even if it's over a month or so. So eventually it'll be phased out and I can move the afternoon earlier and earlier. My dream is to have a 12-3 nap

    @daniellemybelle: This is so good to hear! I'm glad that someone else who was afraid of 1 nap actually loves it. I'm hoping that's me in a few months! It does have a lot of upside!

  4. snowjewelz

    wonderful kiwi / 23653 posts

    @SweetiePie: how's it going?? I went back to this thread for info since DD is 13 mo now and we're getting closer to 1 nap too!

  5. SweetiePie

    honeydew / 7463 posts

    @snowjewelz: he totally faked me out! We tried going to one nap gradually and it just wasn't working. So we gave him more awake time between naps and shifted bedtime about 45 mins later and we are back in nap heaven! Today he napped 9am - almost 11. Then 2:15-3:45. It sorta makes me wonder if that's not true for a lot of babies in the 12-15 month range and people mistake it for 1 nap readiness? (Not all! But some. Because I really was sure!)
    I soon read after starting this thread to hang on to 2 naps as long as you can (from a baby sleep site) so I tried new adjustments to wake time and found that 2-3.5-3.5/4 is perfect! So all we did was add an extra 1-1.5 HR wake time between first and 2nd nap. Golden!

  6. snowjewelz

    wonderful kiwi / 23653 posts

    @SweetiePie: Ahh! Crazy! But that worked out for you since you didn't want to move to 1 nap anyway! I'm gonna have to start cutting off naps if I want to keep 2 nap schedule.. Some nights DD doesn't sleep till 9-9:30 b/c she likes having long wake times


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