Hi everyone!

My son just turned 7. He's never been interested in video games and he has no interest in trying. He has not really been around peers that are into video games so far (covid helped).
Well yesterday he started a week long camp. He's probably the youngest in his cohort, with kids between 7-8.5 yo. Today he told me he got excluded at the playground because all the boys were playing a game based on a video game they all play. He was quite upset.
I don't really want to push him to have more screen time, but I don't want him to feel excluded either. He's never had an issue making friends, he's quite social. I'd be fine with teaching him a few games. Then again, he says he has zero interest in even trying it out, even after today.
I'm not sure how prevalent games are at this age. Are your kids playing games? Have you ever encountered a similar situation?