I looked at past posts about this and everyone says their kid started napping again after a week or two. O turned 2 this month and we are going on about a month of basically no napping. She has napped some for my parents, but is now completely refusing at home. She will sometimes doze off in the car, but that's not even reliable anymore.

Could it be that she's just done? WHY ME!?! She makes it through the day ok-although is definitely tired in the late afternoon. But honestly, does better than I would've expected. We've moved up bedtime to about 6:30, so she's getting 12-13 hours per night and is sleeping pretty well at night.

We are about ready to give up, as it's causing a lot of power struggles and she just isn't napping at all. We do want to keep her on "quiet time" daily, but that has only been lasting 30 min or so.

Do we need to keep pushing? Any fancy tricks? Any tips for a successful daily independent quiet time? We are thinking of a specific box of toys/books that are only for that time so they seem special?

UGH. I wanted her to nap until she was 4.