My 2y9mo old boy has reliably taken a good 2-3 hr nap on weekends until a couple of months ago when he started staying awake throughout nap time off and on. Over the holiday weekend he skipped nap Saturday and Sunday and finally had a really good one yesterday, but we put him down for it super late (2:45pm-4:30pm, usually we’d try to get him down around 1pm). The difference in his afternoon/dinnertime behavior with and without nap is angelic vs impossible, of course. Daycare reports the same, he frequently but not always skips.

Night time sleep is great, he does 8:30pm-7:15am. He is still in his crib if that makes a difference. I know his bedtime is pretty late, we put him down earlier but that’s when he actually falls asleep. (Hard because we both have super long commutes and he just doesn’t seem tired before 8pm.) does this sound like naps are just coming to a natural close, or is there something that I should try? I had it in my head that most kids don’t drop the final nap until 3.5 or so. What is normal? And any tips for transitioning greatly appreciated 🙏🙏