I wanted ro make an early intervention post for members.who dont have gold, so we can talk here ☺ i often want to talk about it with othee people who have a child in it but cant. So hows it going? I will start!

LOS AGE: 2.5 years

Services: speech therapy, started at age 2.

Hows it going: he's doing great in his speech but i feel like he is still behind other kids his age. He's due for testing in june bc when they turn 3 in our state, they get moved to a different program through ei. Im a little worried about it. His therapist doesn't think he will get into the other program bc he has to be at 25 percent delay (which is good) but i think he can really benefit from more speech therapy so i am hoping.he.still qualifies, his therapist also thinks he could benefit.from it more too!

How's your lo doing?